UFC 277: Orion Cosce Picks Up First UFC Win Over Blood Diamond

UFC 277

UFC 277

An arranged welterweight session set to start the UFC 277 fundamental card on Saturday had a wrench tossed underway when one warrior missed weight. That would be Orion Costs, who came in 1.5 pounds weighty for his battle with Mike Mathetha, otherwise called “Blood Diamond” — requiring a catchweight. UFC 277

The battle would push ahead, with both Costs and Blood Diamond — who had two times before been arranged for a battle — searching for their most memorable UFC win.

It wouldn’t be a simple night for the victor. UFC 277

The two warriors took the focal point of the octagon after a dash of gloves. A low kick from Blood Diamond opened the battle, trailed by a high kick from Costs. Blood Diamond handled a front kick and obstructed a snare from Costs. Costs went for a takedown, yet Diamond stuffed it. Costs put Diamond against the wall. Around two minutes in, UFC 277

Diamond switched Costs. Costs handled an excursion takedown, however, Diamond got back up. Costs handled another takedown, yet this time Costs held him down in side control. Under brief left, Diamond returned to his feet. Costs handled a tummy-to-back suplex however didn’t do much with it. The round finished with the sets of contenders back in the focal point of the octagon. UFC 277

A low kick from Blood Diamond began cycle two. Thirty seconds into the round, Blood Diamond handled a punch that made Costs secure. Costs put Blood Diamond against the wall. After around 20 seconds, they switched one another. Two minutes into the second, Costs handled an elbow from the secure. Blood Diamond, at last, split away and handled a body kick UFC 277

. The two men looked pretty drained with two minutes left. Blood Diamond handled an elbow and a front kick that hurt Costs. On the break, Diamond handled a turning back clench hand that hurt Costs as “System” handled a back clench hand consequently. Costs were wobbled, however, Diamond got secured. Blood Diamond handled a knee that hurt Costs too, and started to illuminate his rival. Costs made due by securing with Diamond.UFC 277

Cycle three began, and the two warriors were slow. Costs handled a poke, and Blood Diamond answered with one of his own. Costs put Diamond against the wall once more and afterward handled a takedown. Blood Diamond returned to his feet, yet with three minutes left, Costs hopped on Diamond’s back. They’d return down. Cost secured an arm triangle, yet Diamond guarded. The adjustment finished with Costs controlling Blood Diamond totally

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